Dog Show Etiquette Page 5

Cell phones – Please put cell phones on vibrate, especially if you are at ring side.

Outside Show rings – Please do not enter empty rings. They are set up for the show and for professional photographers.

  • Please do not touch the ring baby gates and stanchions. They will fall over.
  • Please stay clear of the Ring entrance (where dogs and their handlers are entering and exiting the rings). Watch the show from the outer sides of the ring.
  • Talking to exhibitors and handlers outside the ring is not the best place to approach them to talk about their breed. Exhibitors/handlers are focused on getting themselves and their dogs ready to enter the ring and won’t appreciate being interrupted.
  • Please do not talk to the exhibitors when they are in the ring showing. Exhibitors need to be mindful of a judge’s instructions so please do not distract them.

Distractions ringside – please no food or loud noises ringside. They can distract the dog, handler, or even the judge.  Since each dog is limited in the amount of time they have to show, please be mindful of any distraction type activities.