Dog Show Etiquette Page 4

Show Info – Wear very comfortable shoes (there will be lots of walking involved) and dress appropriately for the weather.

  • Plan to be at the show early. Most judging is in the morning. Best In Show is in the early afternoon. Once each breed has been judged, those dogs are allowed to leave; if you arrive later, you will miss seeing them. But you may still see a representative of your breed in the Best In Show judging.
  • Want to know the time and ring number your breed is showing? Go to and look or you can pick up a judging program from MBF’s table or a show catalog from Mensona Kennel Club’s table or the table at the Brookwood entrance.
  • Check out Mensona Kennel Club’s table for educational material and to just talk dogs with members.
  • Please be mindful of where you are walking, there are dog feet, dog tails and maybe a doggie accident you’ll want to avoid.