Dog Show Etiquette Page 2

Your Pet dog - Please do not bring your pet dog to the show. AKC rules prohibit any dog on the show grounds that is not entered into the show.  The only exception to this is a special promotion that has been advertised at the dog show that invites you to bring your dog to a certain location at the show for a specific purpose such as a Canine Good Citizen test or a clinic. Retractable leads are NOT permitted.

Entry gate - Please enter through the Brookwood Avenue main gate to the show.

  • Do not follow dogs too closely through the gate. Give dogs, and their handlers plenty of room to go through first.
  • Please do not block the gate entrance if you are waiting on family members and friends. Enter through the gate and wait off to the side.

Children – Children should be accompanied by an adult at all times.

  • Please do not allow your children to run or be excessively loud around the dogs. Dogs can startle easily.
  • Be mindful of your children in strollers. Stroller height is close to dog face height for most breeds. So please be mindful of how close your stroller is to any dog.