Edinburgh airport travelers in queue chaos after security finds unattended bag

Security lines at Edinburgh Airport left people queuing for over an hour, after staff members discovered an unattended bag.

Airport officials warned travelers that wait times for security were longer than usual while staff handled baggage.

In a statement, Edinburgh Airport said it would “not apologize for prioritizing the safety” of passengers and staff during the incident.

An update posted by Edinburgh Airport on social media at 5am said: “A few minutes ago the time to clear security after joining the queue was 40-60 minutes.

“We are very busy and the queues are longer than we would like. It is important that you are prepared for security.”

A passenger complained on Twitter that the security barriers were “broken”, preventing anyone from passing.

However, the airport replied: “No, the doors were not broken – we closed them while the security offices checked an unattended bag. The safety and security of passengers and staff is paramount and we give it priority at all times.”

Responding to a user who questioned staff readiness, they later added, “We’re Bryan but staff had to inspect an unattended bag.

“Sorry, passengers had to wait longer than usual, but no apologies for prioritizing their safety and that of the staff.”

The airport has already warned of peak periods during the summer months after photographs of “chaotic scenes” emerged in early June.

They will post updates on queue times and security process on their social media channels at 5am, 9am, 1pm and 5pm.

Edinburgh Airport has been contacted for comment.

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