“Dressing in the Dakotas” shares fashion history at ND Heritage Center

“Creating that look for that person based on the figure, depending on the cut from that time period, helps transfer an audience and an actor to that particular audience,” said North Dakota costume designer Michelle Renner.

Dressing for the occasion is something Renner teaches an audience inside the North Dakota Heritage Center and State Museum.

“When you say I’m going to do something in the 1890s, there’s a specific look that’s different from the 90s,” Renner said.

Renner had chosen ten outfits to exhibit, with a fashion going back centuries.

“The Hudson’s Bay jacket is from the late 1770s, then we have 1800s and 1900s,” Renner said.

Fashion models dressed in clothes to make the trend as real as possible.

“By doing theater stuff, I thought I was going to make this costume designer my character,” gallery performer Tom Chase said.

With technology at their fingertips, Renner said fashion has changed over the years by the way it is chosen and ordered.

“We don’t have to go to the local department store and what they choose for us to wear is what we can buy. We can go on the Internet and have thousands and millions of choices, ”Renner said.

Renner adds that dressing in the 21st century is more relaxed and laid back than ever before.

“Particularly before the 20th century, men and women of higher status had wardrobes that included changing two to three times a day,” Renner said.

The exhibition will be visible until the end of November.

The museum will have people dressed in vintage clothing to bring the fashion to life every Tuesday and Thursday of this month.

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