Blackburn’s stalker husband put a plastic bag over his wife’s head

A MAN held a plastic bag over his wife’s face during a prolonged assault.

Blackburn magistrates heard that the victim was having difficulty breathing and at one point she could see his eyes and Tariq Mahmood Lal looked as if he had “lost” him.

Lal, 52, of Moss Gate, Blackburn, was convicted of an assault causing actual bodily harm trial and pleaded guilty to two more assault charges on a separate date. He was released on bail at Preston Crown Court to be sentenced after magistrates ruled their powers of punishment were insufficient.

Scott Parker, prosecutor, said that on the day of the most serious incident, the victim was at home with her husband and children and her behavior was becoming “difficult”.

“Her language was not appropriate and she sent the children out of the room,” Mr. Parker said. “He started questioning her about trash bags she was sending to the charity store, face spray and a gift she had bought for work and as he questioned her he hit her. ”

Lal eventually pushed his wife onto the bed and immobilized her while he wrapped a garbage bag around her neck.

“He put part of the bag over his face and started choking on it,” Mr. Parker said. “She was having trouble breathing and was desperately trying to get him away from her. She was crying and begging him not to hit her and her response was, ‘I’ll show you how to treat a woman.'”

He left the room and she managed to escape the house and call the police.

Aishad Mahmood, defending, said he saw photographs of the injuries that were not serious.

“Despite the circumstances described by the prosecution, I would suggest that these issues can be dealt with by this tribunal,” Mr. Mahmood said.

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