Beginner's Guide Page 13

Dog Show Terms continued

OBEDIENCE: These are classes that demonstrate a dog’s ability to take commands and perform certain exercises or patterns. The beginner classes are done with the dog on lead. The more advanced classes are done off lead. There are a number of titles Obedience dogs may obtain as they progress through the 11 classes at each level of experience and training.

RALLY: This is Obedience with a twist. The dog and handler must complete a course designed by the Rally judge. There are designated stations that provide instructions regarding the skill to be performed. Scoring is not as stringent as traditional obedience. And, unlike Obedience, handlers may talk to their dogs and encourage their dogs in a variety of ways. Teamwork is the key in Rally.

MATCH SHOW: There are no points available at these events. Clubs are required to have matches on their way to being approved. These types of matches are run like a point show and demonstrate the club’s ability to perform the duties required of a point show. A fun match is simply that: fun. Matches are good practice for you and your dog as well. This is an excellent way for you to understand judging procedure and your dog to be in a show situation. At a match you usually enter your dog that day and get your armband at the entry desk.

GAIT: The way a dog moves; movement is a good indicator of structure, temperament and condition.

PEDIGREE: The written record of a dog's family tree of three generations or more.

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