Beginner's Guide Page 12

Dog Show Terms continued

WINNERS: The first-place winners in each of the regular classes compete for Winners. At the end of the dog classes Winners Dog and Reserve Winners Dog are chosen. At the end of the bitch classes Winners Bitch and Reserve Winners Bitch are chosen. The Winners Dog and Winners Bitch compete in the Best of Breed Competition for that breed at that show and compete against each other to determine the Best of Winners award. Championship points are awarded at the Winners level. If one goes Best of Winners or if it goes Best of Breed or Best of Opposite Sex from the classes, it could affect the number of points it may get.

CATALOG: Each club must produce a show catalog. This book contains information about the show giving club, a copy of the judging schedule and championship point schedule for that area and specific information about each dog entered and an index of the owners’ addresses in the back of the catalog. Some catalogs feature the owners’ addresses with the entry information. They are usually available at the club tables; sometimes the club also sells them at the admittance gates.

JUNIOR SHOWMANSHIP: This is a way for youngsters ages 9-18 to participate and compete against each other. In Junior Showmanship the handling abilities of the junior handler are judged, not the merits of the dog.

CLASSES: Another two-fold word. You enter your dog in one of the classes in order to be judged. For example, if you have a puppy, you may want to enter it in the Puppy Class. Puppy Classes are sometimes divided by age (6 months and under 9 months; 9 months and under 12 months). Once a dog has reached 12 months of age it is no longer considered a puppy. Classes may refer to the regular or non-regular offerings at the show. The “regular” classes that may be offered at a show are: Puppy, 12-18, Novice, Bred-by-Exhibitor, American-Bred, Open.  Sometimes the word refers those judged prior to Best of Breed.