Beginner's Guide Page 11

Dog Show Terms continued

AKC CHAMPION: In order to become an AKC Champion of Record a dog must obtain 15 points. Within the 15 points there must be two “major” wins under two different judges.

POINTS: In order to become a breed Champion your dog must amass a certain number points. Points are figured on the number of dogs/bitches entered that actually compete on that day and how many you have defeated with your win.  There are also requirements for “major” wins under two separate judges. Points are awarded at the Winners level. The point schedule for each division is listed in the show catalog.

FINISHED: When you hear someone say their dog has just “finished” this usually means that with their win that day the dog has completed the requirements for its Championship.

TITLE: There are a number of titles offered in the various AKC events, each indicating the dog’s achievement at various levels.

JUDGING PROGRAM: In the judging program you will see numbers in parentheses
after the breed names. These numbers are translated as follows: If you see, for example, Boxers (10-14-4-3) this means there are 10 dogs, 14 bitches, 4 dog specials (champions) and 3 bitch specials (champions). Exhibitors use this information to help them determine whether there will be points within their entry.

Since judging programs are written immediately after the entries close, before any proofing or corrections are done, the numbers in the schedule could have some discrepancies between the time the program is written and the catalog is produced. If you are looking for an elusive point or a major and the totals are borderline you may call the superintendent’s office a few days before the show to verify the total number of dogs or bitches. You are not permitted to find out, however, how many dogs or bitches are in your specific class.