Beginner's Guide Page 10

Dog Show Terms

DOG: A two-fold word. This word is generic when it refers, for example, to the number of animals entered at the show. In reference to the sex of an animal, a “dog” is a male.

BITCH: A female canine.

CLUB: The membership is comprised of like-minded people whose primary interest is in dogs and their welfare, promoting pure-bred dogs, and the competition in the ring. When you see the words “kennel club” or “dog club” or “dog fanciers’ association” in a club name it usually denotes an interest in conformation. When you see the words “training club” or “obedience trial club” or “agility” in a club’s name it usually denotes members with an interest in Obedience or Agility.

AKC DOG SHOW: This is an event Licensed or Sanctioned by the American Kennel Club. A kennel club must have their event approved by AKC in order to be able to award AKC points toward a dog’s championship.

SUPERINTENDENT: These individuals/organizations are in business to help clubs produce and manage their events. They are the club’s agent in the production of the club’s dog show.

RING: The area where you will exhibit your dog. This area is reserved strictly for the actual showing of your dog. It is NOT a practice area. You may see an empty ring during the day. This may not indicate that judging is over for that ring, it may be because the judge is having a lunch break, or it may be a ring that will be used at the time the Groups are to be judged.