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Men’s haircuts should stop being a thing if you’re over 37

When I was 38, I realized three things were true. First, I can no longer drop three beers and bounce in the morning. Second, I can’t say I like Coldplay ironically. I really like Coldplay. And finally, I never want to think about my haircut again. In fact, I would …

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9 of the best men’s haircuts and styles for 2020

A man’s haircut can tell you a lot about a man. It could indicate his job, the music he likes, or the sports he could play. He can often suggest his hobbies, what he likes to do or even his hygiene. Short, long, shaved, oily, buzz cut or spiked – …

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Joe Mills’ best trendy men’s haircuts this season

This season’s hottest men’s haircuts are highlighted by an extremely respected celebrity hairstylist and session stylist for men’s hair Joe mills. As we head into a new season, this is the perfect opportunity to take a look at your hair and hair care regimen. Darker nights and colder days mean …

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